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Yearly maintenance 

Carolina Premium Maintenance Plan

SKU: 632835642834572
    • Two maintenances per year (spring and fall)
    • Inspect and tighten all electrical connections and terminals
    • Test and inspect all furnace safety controls
    • Replace or clean standard air filters
    • Inspect blower performance
    • Lubricate all fan motors and all moving parts
    • Inspect and test all system transformers, relays, contactors, and controls
    • Check cooling operation and performance
    • Check furnace operation and performance
    • Clean burner assembly and check flue
    • Measure and record electrical voltage, amperage and component resistance
    • Test system start capacities
    • Monitor refrigerant pressures and temperatures
    • Test and record system superheat and subcooling
    • Check evaporator for proper air flow
    • Check thermostat operation and calibration
    • Check heat exchanger
    • Chemically clean condenser coils
    • Check refrigerant levels
    • Clean drain lines
    • Install condensate drain tablets
    • Check amp draws on system


    Monthly Installment Price


    Annual Cost

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